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Office Shifting services in Bangalore

Mercy Packers and Movers is a leading relocation service provider in Bangalore. We have been providing top-notch office shifting services to our clients since the year 2001. We are committed to delivering quality services and making sure that our clients’ expectations are met. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making your move as smooth and hassle free as possible. We offer complete relocation solutions for all your office shifting needs at affordable prices.

We provide relocation services for:

  • Office Shifting Services
  • Storage Unit Shifting Services
  • Industrial Shifting Services

Moving house is a stressful time for everyone involved. Your employer, your friends and family, your new neighbors… even the movers themselves.

But when you move with Mercy Packers and Movers in Bangalore, you can trust that we’ll handle everything with care and professionalism. We have years of experience in the moving industry, so we know what to do when it comes to packing up your office or home and getting it all packed safely into boxes. And when it comes to moving itself? We’re there for you every step of the way, with our truck drivers ready to pick up your stuff at any time—and bring it straight to its new location.

We understand how important it is for you to be able to work from wherever you want without having to worry about how much time it’ll take for something like that to happen. That’s why we offer office relocation services throughout Bangalore as well as other cities in India. We’ve also worked hard over the years so that we can offer these services at a reasonable price; whether you’re moving out of state or overseas (or both!), we’ll make sure your transition goes smoothly!

Household shifting service in Bangalore

Household shifting is a very stressful task. It is not only the packing and moving that makes it stressful but also the unloading and unpacking. We provide household shifting services in Bangalore which help you to get rid of your stress about packing and moving your house. Our team of professional packers will take care of all the things that you need to do during packing and moving.

We have experts who deal with all kinds of household items like furniture, appliances, electronic goods, utensils etc. We also have experts who can handle fragile items like paintings etc. We have a team of professionals who can handle all these types of items with ease so that you don’t have to worry about anything during moving.

We also provide transportation services for our clients so that they don’t have to worry about their own transportation while shifting their house from one place to another place.


Furniture moving is one of the trickiest procedures in any home relocation process. It’s not just about packing and moving the heavy, huge furniture pieces from one place to the other, but also requires precision to ensure their safe handling. The household shifting services in India and worldwide have answers and solutions to all your queries related to furniture moving and are well-equipped with all facilities to ensure safe furniture shifting experience anywhere in the world.

As this task is very complex and requires planning and organization, you don’t want to damage your valuable furniture items at any costs. So here are some useful tips that will help you plan a safe and successful furniture relocation.

Tips to Ensure Safe Furniture Shifting in India

Everyone wants to make sure that expensive furniture items get delivered to the destination in a safe and secure condition. Whether you have hired furniture shifting services or choose to move your furniture on your own, here are some tips that will help transport your sofa sets, beds, wardrobes, cots, cabinets, etc. ensuring full safety.

1. Create a checklist of moving furniture: Prepare a checklist of furniture pieces that you will move to your new place such as couches, sofas, tables, chairs, desks, cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves, etc. This list will help you in creating a packing list and checking furniture items in the list after their delivery at the destination. You can segregate this list on the basis of the type, number, and the present condition to help you make the right decisions.

2. Take measurements of your furniture: Before you indulge yourself in making packing and transportation arrangements for your furniture to your new home, it is always better to take their measurements to ensure that they can pass through the hallways of your current and new home. Create a floor plan of your new house and then note down the width, height, depth, and diagonal dimensions of every furniture piece to ensure that they perfectly fit well in the desired place in your new home.

3. Take assessment of your furniture: The main purpose of the furniture assessment task include:

  • Check for the pre-existing damages in your furniture and take photographs. Also mention the damages in your inventory list.
  • Decide what furniture items require professional packaging.
  • Make a list of the items that you will take with you to save more on your relocation.

4. Clean your furniture: Wipe your furniture items with a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust particles on them as they might scratch their surfaces during the transportation. Do not invest much time in this as your furniture will soon be packed with packaging materials.

5. Check for hindrances: Safety is of utmost importance when you are moving furniture out of or inside your house. Before you move your furniture, you need to ensure that there are no obstacles in the way. Prevent any danger zones and remove all the items that can be safety hazards. Ensure kids and pets are made to sit in a safe place so that they don’t get in the way.

6. Hire furniture moving services: Handling bulky furniture is never easy and requires team effort. As shifting any piece of furniture is more than one man’s job, hiring professional furniture shifting services in your city will be a good decision. Such companies have the best tools and equipment and also the experienced workforce to handle such complex and physical tasks with perfection.

7. Sort out furniture you want to take: When you are going for an intercity relocation, it is always better to take only the useful furniture with you. If you wish to buy new furniture for your new home, removing the unnecessary furniture is the best decision. This will help you in reducing your moving expenses to a significant amount.

8. Dismantle your furniture items: Heavy and large furniture items such as sofa sets, beds, wardrobes, dressers, bookshelves, cabinets, desks, tables, etc. can create the biggest troubles in your moving procedure when moved without proper planning. As such items are heavier and have different shapes and sizes, it is difficult to pass them through any doorway without disassembly. The experienced furniture movers will dismantle your furniture items for easy and safe moving using the best equipment. Do not forget to click pictures of your furniture items before disassembly to help you in reassembling back your furniture.

9. Protection of furniture items: Never forget to pad your furniture items to prevent accidental hits during the haul. Protect your furniture using soft padding to protect them from damages.

  • Place thick cardboard pieces on the corners of furniture and other high-risk parts to prevent damages.
  • Wrap delicate furniture items or pieces in packaging paper and then in bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection.
  • Use twine to secure movable and non-disassembled furniture items.
  • Cover wooden surfaces of furniture with padding blankets.

10. Fasten loose items of furniture: Keep items such as screws, bolts, nuts, dowels, washers, etc. in a Ziplock bag in a safe place.

11. Detach fragile items: Any glass or other fragile elements in your furniture which might break during the handling should be removed beforehand. Pack such items separately and properly in packing paper, blankets, bubble wraps, etc.

12. Use a furniture dolly: Certainly a lifesaver for all! A furniture dolly helps in moving heavy furniture items with ease. This is the first piece of moving equipment required to lift and move heavy furniture items.

13. Use furniture gliders: When you need to slide a heavy piece of furniture to some distance, then this moving equipment you will need for hassle-free and frictionless gliding. Furniture gliders have durable plastic on side and hard rubber on the other to ensure zero floor damage.

14. Use proper lifting strategies: Follow the below safe lifting techniques to ensure safe handling of heavy furniture items:

  • Always push heavy furniture items and never pull them.
  • Never turn or hold heavy furniture with your hips. Use your legs.
  • Keep bulky furniture items in the relative centre of your body and close to you.
  • Take small steps at a time when you are handling heavy furniture items.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the furniture rather than looking here and there.

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15. Wear proper clothing and footwear: Always wear comfortable clothes and footwear while handling heavy furniture items.

  • Don’t wear expensive clothes on the moving day as anything can happen to them.
  • Never wear baggy clothes as there is a risk of getting them hooked to any furniture item leading to accidents.
  • Always wear footwear with a closed-toe and rubber soles for good friction.
  • Never forget to wear the best quality gloves to improve your grip and safeguard your hands from damages.
Tips for Easy Office Relocation

Going for a Office Relocation is not an easy task. For the smooth move, one should manage from furniture to client communication well.

Arrange your office relocation so flawlessly so that starting work at a new workplace is no more difficult. Some tips to make this process less traumatic

Plan step by step. If you are not going to hire professional office relocation services to direct the process, it is advisable that before starting with any movement prepare a small action plan in which you share tasks, responsible, deadlines and budget. Putting a person in charge will also help to resolve unforeseen problems that may arise along the way.

Freeing you from the unnecessary weight! Take advantage of the move to order and discard everything that has been accumulating for years and was never thrown for lack of time or indecision. Many professionals amass huge archives of past clients, work papers and budgets; Moving is a good reason to get rid of that weight. If it is a commercial place, it is the time to review leftovers and stock remnants and find them a destination.

Packing and Moving Services

Packing and Moving Services

Packing and moving is what we are best at, we at Mercy packers and movers have an experienced and skilled team who would support best quality packing and secure items with good quality packaging material for best protection during moving. The Importance of packaging material can never to be ignored its the quality packing material that is of prime importance to Packers and movers use the good quality packaging material.

Intra City Packers and Movers

Need a Intra city Packers and movers? Mercy Packers and movers are very experienced and professional shifting company offering safe and secured moving experience for relocation. Our Intra city Packers and movers services includes packing, Loading, Unloading and transport service. It is a single window booking service for all your Intra city Shifting service. We are among the best and safe moving company with 100% safe relocation track record.

Interstate Packers and movers Services in Bangalore

With over 30 years in logistics and transport business, we have become the pioneer leaders in packing and moving business when you have the need to shift within the same state (Karnataka) or any other state in India. Our professional team of packers would professionally and carefully pack all your home items and organize a truck for safe loading and unloading at destination. Interstate packing and moving is always been in our scope of business and we cover all major cities in India.

Luggage Storage Facility in Bangalore

Well, we are among the best and safest luggage storage facility in Bangalore, over the couple of month we have been receiving loads of request for luggage storage options, during corona pandemic many are affected and look for storage facility. We At Mercy packers and movers have been requesting many calls for the services. Well worry no more we offer the best and safest storage facility for home items and also for luggage storage.

Shipping Services

We understand your business requires logistics services 24/7 and can provide domestic trucking services tailored to your specific logistical and budget needs. Not only do we ship anything around the India, we can also handle the domestic shipping and local distribution of your products throughout India

Relocation Service

Looking for relocation Service? Then Mercy Packers and movers is your perfect choice for home relocation, Office & corporate relocation at best relocation package. We believe in offering a right solution at a good relocation cost and help save on your relocation charges.

We are always happy to relocate you’re all your home furniture and valuables with best care and provide our expertise in making a smooth hassle free relocation moving service. Mercy packers and movers deals with all the major services in the mentioned category, some of them are explained below:

House relocation: For customers looking for Household moving we are happy to relocate them for within city relocation or Intrastate relocation Service with good premium packing service and securing all the home items with good care and safely transport them to destination & it do not stop there we also support rearranging and unpacking service on demand.

Office relocation: is not any easy job, every detail should be taken into account and that’s where our experience comes handy. Having relocated more than 500 office small and big corporate we know what it takes to make office shifting a smooth process. Be it a local, inter-state or an international office relocation, our office relocation specialists are trained and qualified to relocate your office equipments, computers, high-end servers, plotters, files, records, furniture, electronic systems and libraries in a hassle free & organized manner

Corporate Relocations: We assure our clients stress and damage free corporate relocation that is systematic and professionally managed. Our professionals are adept at removal and installation of computer systems, dismantling and carting of furniture and fixtures, computer networks and all other setup. These relocation services are well planned and managed to provide safe and easy corporate relocation. Whether large or small, we master in every area to provide safe and satisfactory results. Our well maintained trucks are specially modified for handling different type of products as well as machines.

Vehicle Shifting: Mercy Packers and Movers execute the car and bike transportations services in such a manner that almost all of our relocations are 100% damage free. Not only all the relocations can be tracked with the help of a relocation expert, the move-expert specifically to each customer will take care of any sorts of problems that might arise during the relocation is executed.

Domestic Residential Relocation: We understand the pain of a residential relocation process. In fact, everyone knows that residential relocation can be painful and stressful experience if it is not carried out adequately and systematically. The experience can be overwhelming if a person does not care of hiring a reputable and experienced company of packers and movers to handle the household shifting tasks. Thus, hiring a reliable and knowledgeable company of residential movers and packers in imperative, Mercy Packers and movers help your Offer best and reliable residential relocation at lowest moving cost